History and monuments worthwhile visiting

Porto Heli

Porto Heli was named after the old lake which is placed at the back of the town of Porto Heli and was used for the stockfarming of Eels. The ancient city of Porto Heli was called Alieis and is located in the opposite end of the bay across the village. The Akropolis of Alieis is found at the top. The Walls had 5 entrances and protected a region of 45 hectares. Inside the walls existed approximately 500 residences with 2500 residents. The main activity of the residents were the agriculture and the livestock-farming.

The excavations of 1970 – 1972 rendered the four levels of the ancient town of Alieis:

  • Underwater – the sea level has risen roughly 2m. but when the sea is calm the foundations are visible. The harbour, the residences and the roads have been identified. The Apollonian Temple, a stadium and bathrooms that had been constructed later in the Roman era.
  • In the city near the sea were found coins with Apollos bust. The streets were constructed from stones and the houses had courtyards with well. There was also an olive press.
  • Manufactures – In the middle of the hill existed manufactures that produced colours.
  • The Akropolis is located at the top of the hill. It has a strategic position with view to the Porto Cheli bay and to the Argoliko bay. There were: a tower that was used as an observatory, small houses and an altar. 5000 thousand years ago the Akropolis of Alieis had been conquest by a new race. 2500 years b.c. the city was productive with exports of rural products in the vicinity of Athens. The Walls had been constructed at about 700b.c. and their destruction is calculated between 590 and 580b.c. The city had been evacuated at about 300b.c. Excavations began in 1960 and were continued in 1970.

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is hardly 45 minutes from Porto Heli and due to the summer Festival, a lot of visitors combine their holidays with a night performance. The ancient Asklipieio Museum of Epidaurus is open daily and a visit to the theatre is imposed!



Mycenae ‘Rich in Gold’, the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon, first sung by Homer in his epics, is the most important and richest palatial centre of the Late Bronze Age in Greece.

Hardly 1 hour and 10 minutes from Porto Heli, a visit to Mycenaes as well as to Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece, constitutes an important daily excursion. Do not miss to visit Palamidi and admire the view of Nafplio from high above. Your can enjoy your lunch in the old city of Nafplio or by the beach.



Poros is 65 kilometres from Porto Heli. The coastal road is beautiful and passes you near the lemon tree forest. Although it is a pleasant drive the road turns will delay you and you will cover the distance in approximately 1 hour. In Galata you will take the ferry that covers the drive in 5 minutes.


Monemvasia is a good day-long excursion. This excursion is available in the high season with traditional tourist ships. The reception will be glad to inform you for the itineraries.



Porto Heli is located 180 kilometres south-western from Athens. Scenery coastal village built amphitheatrically in one of the best naturally sea shelters of Peloponnese, Porto Heli turned in a cosmopolitan destination because of the geographic place and the mild climate.